Grow Your Business with Club Management Software

Posted June 8, 2017
Written by Sundar Balasuryan

Grow Your Business with Club Management Software

If you’re using a basic check-in system for your club, you’re losing business.

That’s a strong statement, but if you look at the benefits of a strong club management software, you’ll see how the comprehensive tools provided in a customized software package can help you reduce administrative tasks, enable your staff to work one-on-one with members, and grow your business.

A good club management software makes your business more efficient by managing everything from check-in, to billing, to your back office. A great club management software system is scalable, flexible, and completely customizable to the needs of your particular business.
AptusSoft is that system!

Fitness club owners say that there are three features that are critical to any club software decision they make:

  1. Easy payment processing. Club owners want to get paid when their payment-processing vendor collects payments from members.
  2. Owning member data. Club owners do not want their software provider own club member data.
  3. Professional and accurate billing. Club owners want to ensure that their billing system is automatic, accurate, and expandable.

In addition to these critical components, club owners and managers have found that today’s club management software solutions provide value in many other ways.

  • Moving solutions to the cloud makes software installation as simple as logging in.
  • Unlimited reporting helps you analyze your business and target your next marketing moves.
  • Scalable solutions mean there’s no limit to growth.
  • Packages and pricing customized to the needs of your business.
  • Easy data migration.
  • Awesome customer support.

Does your club management software suite provide you with all of the above? If not, it might be time to explore new options.
AptusSoft Club Management Software is the only all-in-one, completely customizable, software solution available.  AptusSoft offers the most comprehensive, integrated package of club management software and service, connecting every aspect of club operations, including front-desk, HR, marketing, scheduling, and security, helping clubs save money and optimize resources - membership, staff, and facilities.

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